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Ras Rob Irish Moss Conolly

Science of the Trinity Presents

The Genius of American Dub and a pioneer in the  analog and electronic dub scene. Veteran musician , Engineer, performer, activist, Rastamon. One of the early members of the science of the trinity to the present. a wealth of style and knowledge. Versed in everything from Reggae Dub, Nyabhingi, Sound system Punk Rock, and more. Representing the NorMass with dignity since the 1990's. 

                 Recorded in  Northampton Massachusetts and

Milwaukee, Wisconsin,USA

London, UK

Glasgow, Scotland,UK

Performed by Ras Amerlock, Ras Rob, Trinity All Stars

,Rudy Alba,Brother Culture and Special Guests

from 2004-2020


Ras Rob "Irish Moss" Connolly also known as dreadlion. One of the founding Ras on the national international analog and digital scene. seen here at the controls with his traditional yet original dub dicipline.


Track Tales

The Story Behind  The Album

I remember in the early 2000's, the net was still some what of an outer space and once the modem dial up sounds were done, and I was finally able to have audio on the computer , the modern era had allowed me to leave the confines of my local record stores and collection and seek the Rasta music. I remember after sometime trying to find music on the net finally coming across some dubs by a band that I hadn't heard of. I being quite the reggae audiophile and resident dub head thought I had heard a least a track or two by the heavy weights from the era that this sounded like ; the 1970's. So I gathered up all I could get my hands on and tried to contact the artist myself. After divine intervention I was surprised and happy that the artist not only was still around but that He and his squad were contemporary and at large in the United States. The First Two Tracks on the "Science of the Trinity presents-IrishMoss" are 2007 Remasters of some of those early Tunes. I hope you will enjoy them as I have; they are quite quite rare. Track Three follows the History of the Net Labels and a Site called ""; It was a smash hit on a silly situation to keep the vibes wise .


IrishMoss-Northampton Mass USA

Rudy Alba hailing from Glasgow UK

Brother Culture MC-London, UK

Ras Amerlock-Milwaukee,WI USA

Tracks 4 thru 9

Track 4 Represents the fraternity that sprung up as Ras Amerlock and IrishMoss Worked together with a Irishmoss Session upon a Ras Amerlock tribute to Slylarking Riddim; thats two the Hard way fe real. With things up and running upon the net and fleeing from Babylon  Irish Moss and Ras Amerlock began putting together material for these times and beyond. Linking by divine intervention with Dubbers and Toasters  

Tracks 10 and 11

With the success in the E.U and Ras Amerlock  subsequently being signed at the time to the German Net Label" Jahtari, the "Tribute to Maffi Riddim" was beamed from the trinity station dub labs as a signal from the stars to the stars of the EU Dub space program. Namely MAFFI and jr dust. The Riddim Once hit the dub robots at Irishmoss's beckoning call output the second coming version  that would serve as the plate that would see Brothers Culture MC Voice the crucial word sound power tune Riders.(Track 11) and FLEX studios, UK. With this release being a previously unreleased Ras Amerlock unique dub version for the "Science of the Trinity Presents IrishMoss."

Track 12


"Who is the Bad Guy?..the guy with the bank or the pusher that makes ya stop?" Hard at work dubbing in this dimension into the parallel if that there may be ;One fine Day Ras Rob was dubbing a plate upon the Ras Amerlock Chune "Nah Fuk 'Round" riddim when a national artist on the hip-hop scene (Toussaint)heard the tune and within in minutes had the voicing ready for the classic "Who is the Band Guy" A poignant track approaching deep questions as to what is truly bad in this time. A track that definitely reflects its being recorded at the height of the gulf war era. After a righteous session Irishmoss set upon remastering and finalizing the soon to be conscious hit then a gal pal stopped over to say hi, and greet the bredrin.She (Joy Coontz)heard Toussaint's vocals and beganing singing along as she was a huge fan of him but had never yet met him as yet. One more microphone away and this masterpiece was created by the had of the father.(Track 12). With this release being a previously unreleased unique dub version for the "Science of the Trinity Presents IrishMoss."

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