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Natty Nation

Madison,Wisconsin, USA

The Science of the Trinity Presents

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Natty Crew c.2008


  Founded in the early 1990's By some of Wisconsin's legends in Reggae One of the founding Fathers of the band Demetrius"Jah Boogie" Natty Nation has been a driving force in the Midwest and National reggae scene from the beginning.

  Aaron"Eyes of Moses" joined the band in  2002 as the keyboardist and the two of them have been creating original music and performing roots , rock, reggae every since. They entertained the troops playing all over the Middle East (Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, UAE, & Bahrain, also Djibouti in Africa in the 2000's and travel most of the year bringing the Reggae event, anywhere they go. They have their own record Label INATTY Records and have a full catalog of crucial material that has become the banner song for many student, conscious person and activists as well as devout Reggae Fans world wide.

NATTY MIXES-Jah Boogie.jpg

Jah Boogie is both the lead Singer as well as the bass player of Natty Nation. His Voice is amazing and his Bass playing incredible.


Aaron Konkoi is one of the most accomplished Reggae Musicians in the United States , Seen here "eyes of Moses" is the keyboardist as well as Backing vocalist of Natty Nation


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