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thee ambassador of roots and Culture

White Label Menace

Panama. Chicago,USA




The Legendary word Sound Medic



The Science of the Trinity presents 

MC ZULU SESSION the First decade,


2015- 2020 coming soon!

MC ZULU on Ras


Science of The Trinity Presents -MC Zulu

Track Tales

1. Tribute to Hi-Fi- a tribute to all massives with the skylarking riddim performed and recorded at Trinity Studios by Ras Amerlock. I the "patois"  ,"dialect" of Jamaica . West Indies, as well as wherever all west Indians and west Indian wisdom has gone, and still goes , "skylarking" is to waste time, and do nothing." This Science of the Trinity Lp featuring the Man called Zulu is a Tribute to all the people who do something. Something Productive, and positive for the good of themselves and the good of the people.

Track 2. Rudy Alba Special Glagow Guest star once again pon the Ras Amerlock Trouble riddim. World wide productions fellowship and brotherhood representing the represented.

Track 3 Presenting The word medicine man, riddim verbaliza, lyrics machine. White label menace, when "bad" means "good", Bad man zulu. 


Track 4 and 5 , celebrating the ten year anniversary of the release on the french label 'Libre comme l'air' A flash back double dose salute with two tracks from LCL20 Ras Amerlock "2010 a Bass oddity"

Track 6-Spread the word,

Track 7 and 8 The original mash up session tape and transmission Ballistic

and professionally, Mc Zulu version worlD of Confusion.

Track 9. The mighty Jah Billa from Dubrovnic,Croatia Mastery of Dub in a Rastaman in the Balkans and beyond sound style dubwising "Skylarking" of the orignal Ras Amerlock Track from the beginning of the LP. 

Track 10 Hosts another guest star as a Bonos with Brother Culture Mc and the rare version found only in this collection Wrap it up with another Bonus Track from Jah Billah and Ras Amerlock in the early tears.


Peace and Productivity be to the people



"A phrase originally coined by visionaries Sly & Robbie, “Electro Reggae” is the general term now used to describe the fusion with Electronic music. The Electro Reggae genre began as a series of e-mailed collaborations like this one. It is a new millennium, post-jungle sound which incorporated the Caribbean-inspired contributions of music makers from around the world.

The 1986 Taxi Gang album, produced by visionaries Sly & Robbie: They knew early on that they would have to experiment in order for their music to grow. These songs have a deliberate confidence to them, blending traditional and “computer” styles, influencing future genres in ways yet to be determined......" MC ZULU         

"Caribbean music has always been about experimentation, and proceeding forward without having all the gadgets. They found new ways to utilize what was there. Because of that innovation Reggae in particular has left an unprecedented number of new trends in its wake. Many of these trends, such as Hip-Hop have changed the course of modern history. Reggae of course comes from Mento, Calypso, Blues and Soul which means origins can be traced to the ancient Mali Empire." MC ZULU

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