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Thee F.O.N.K

Thee F.O.N.K

Funkstars Officially Natually Know... they keep the “Fun” in FUNKY. In terrestrial terms THEE F.O.N.K is a collective of Musicians, Singers, Visual Artists , Dancers. Dramatists, Poets, Community activists, Social Commentarians as well as would be some time comedians. Being built from the fragments and Blue Prints found From the mother-ship; this shuttle does come from the mother ship and the direction it goes is always up; and never down. Other than the lows of deep bass and beats to move and groove you and your happy feet. This has been a long time coming but has always been here within this dimension the time is now for the freedom of the mind and the follwing of the behind.. There will be no Jive but pure un-cut Funk Vibes as a foundation and a rotation of local and national artists come together to pledge allegiance to the funk and the “United States of Funkadelica” performing classic Funkadelic and early Parliament at the moment but building on the funk foundation. Let the “sweet chariots swing you down at let you ride; but Get Up for the down stroke because everybody get’s up. After all if you feel the Funk If you are a Freak of The week You are in the band already on this stage of life, If you hear any noise its just THEE and the boys..Let your funk Flags Fly and See you at the Party.



Vocals: B.WYZDOM- Annual Funk Festival, Psychedelicasi
Vocals:KANDI B. Vital Vibes
Guitar and Vocals:MAX LEVIN Thee Grateful Dub Band, Soup
Keyboards and Vocals.SAINTPAUL BRELLIS
Of Greetings From The Imposter, formerly in Psychedelicasi
Guitar:JAMIE SHAVERS:Jasmine Road Affair
MCME ,Def Harmonic
Bass and Musical Director:RAS AMERLOCK
Thee Dub Alumni, The Urbanites, T.G.D.B.
Percussion and Vocals: RIVERS (Warbabies)
Drums:TERRY SPEARS:Ital Roots, Kojo'

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Good Old Funky Music-Funkadelic

(Shake your head)
Everybody's gettin' funky
In the days when the funk was gone
I recall not long ago
When the funk it was goin' strong

Now they were rocking upside the wall (to funky music)
Rockin' out in the hall (to funky music)
Now they were jumpin' up and having a ball (to funky music)
Music's got them beggin' for more

Give me more, give me more
Come on
Give me more
Give me more of that
Good old funky music, yeah
Good old funky music, yeah

Yes, indeed they're movin'
Yes, they are doin' it to and fro
Yes, indeed they're groovin'
To that music that will let them go

You know they started somewhere round about midnight (to funky music)
And they rocked it all night until daylight (to funky music)
Music that was groovin' my mother (to funky music)
It's groovy for my sister and brother

Give me more, give me more (come on, let's sing it together)
Give me more
Give me more of that
Good old funky music, yeah
Good old funky music, yeah

Music that was groovin' my mother (funky music)
It's groovy for my sister and brother
Good old funky music, yeah
Good old funky music, yeah

Be Wyzdom 2.jpg

Thee F.O.N.K

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